Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
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Rhode Island Scumbag NFL Locks, Week 18: How to bet a wildly unpredictable final weekend

We were cut off from a formal Scumbag Locks ™ column last week thanks to the holidays and furlough. But rather than take the week to regroup, the Rhode Island Scumbag and I banded together and dropped our picks anyway via Twitter.

This was a mistake.

Our late-season cold snap extended through Week 17, where Vegas once again proved to know best by twisting us across what looked like easy lines like Silly Putty. Only one of our six picks hit; a damning endorsement in the face of the regular season finale.

Week 18 was always going to be tough to handicap from the outset. Teams jockeying for draft position and little else will hand the reins over to their backups. Others locked into the playoff race my opt to sit ailing players and prioritize health over seeding. A league loaded with variables will be filled with even more as the 2022 NFL campaign grinds to a halt.

Where does that leave us? Honestly, both the RIS and I are cool with the idea of any of y’all straight-up fading our picks. It would have worked out great for you the past two weeks. Or, to hear him say it:

It might be time to fade the Rhody Scumbag — Just putting that disclaimer out there. My process hasn’t changed, but my results surely have. I guess it is inevitable after such a hot start that eventually I would cool off. I’m going to put these picks out there, but follow at your own risk. I’d advise fading your way into some winners.


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