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Max Verstappen and Michael Schumacher dominance compared after” boring” F1 claim
The lack of a genuine title race

 the fact it came in the wake of one of the stylish the sport has ever seen – has led to some labelling the 2022 crusade as a” boring” bone

 in hindsight. McLaren chief Brown disagrees, claiming it still had a lot further entertainment than some seasons of yore. 

 He also compared what we witnessed last time to the period in which Michael Schumacher was king of F1, and is of the opinion that effects are much better for the neutral addict these days.” The racing was great and, while the season was absolutely dominated, it did not feel like a boring season at each, the American told RacingNews365.

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 still, the races were a snoozer from the word go, whereas these were all instigative, If I go back to when Schumacher dominated. They looked and felt a lot more instigative than the results look on on paper. 

 Overall, it was a tricky time for Brown’s platoon.

 McLaren came into it having won the midfield battle for fourth place the former season, but a temperamental auto and Daniel Ricciardo’s struggle for thickness led to them being beaten to that position by rivals Alpine. 

 The new auto regulations which came into place for 2022 makes it delicate for Brown to assess where his platoon stands compared to ahead. He added All of our challengers had stages in 2021 and we were the only platoon to get one outside the big three( in 2022) so, from that perspective, we kind of have two data points. 

 Are we closer to Mercedes?

Because they have got the same machine and, thus, they are a comparison and we were near to Mercedes this time. So, in that sense, it was a step forward, but we were further down from pole position than we were in 2021.

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