Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
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Charles Barkley had Shaq and the TNT crew in tears after he cursed by accident on live TV

It took until January 2023 for Charles Barkley to utter one curse word… according to the man himself that is anyway.

On Thursday, the good old NBA on TNT folks — fresh off of running Shaquille O’Neal into Christmas trees — had yet another hilarious segment where things went off the rails quickly. This time, it was Barkley to get the shenanigans underway after he accidentally cursed live on television, causing Shaq and the rest of the crew to crack up while Ernie Johnson Jr. took offense to the proceedings.

Barkley then told the room that this was the first time he had ever cursed, eliciting more laughter from the panel.

NSFW language used in the video below. Watch at your own discretion!

The first time Charles Barkley has ever cursed, per Charles Barkley

— Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) January 6, 2023

There’s no way this is Barkley’s first time cursing ever, right? Maybe on live television sure, but there’s no way. Even still, what another great highlight from the best analyst panel in the business.


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