Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
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Beverage of the Week: Epic Western makes the best canned cocktail I've ever had

Things have not gone so well for the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee was once 7-3 with a 97 percent probability to win the AFC South for the third straight year. Now Mike Vrabel’s team is 7-9 and needs to beat the streaking Jacksonville Jaguars, in Jacksonville with its third-string quarterback, just to sneak into the playoffs.

And it turns out their official canned cocktail, well-made as it may be, is a bit of an unfortunate, over-complicated mess.

But there is another. It turns out the Titans have multiple official canned cocktails. So if you’re at Nissan Stadium you can also find Epic Western’s tequila-based offerings to help you through the interminable slogs that have made up Tennessee’s 2022 regular season. After rolling through Spirited Hive’s lineup, it was only fair I give the its Nashville alternative a proper chance to put a silver lining on the franchise’s unpleasant 2022.

Turns out, it’s pretty good. Like, really good.


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