Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
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5 solutions for fantasy football leagues' championships affected by Bills-Bengals cancellation

I will introduce this the same way I did when there was speculation over what the NFL would do about Monday’s postponed — now canceled — Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game from Week 17: The most important thing right now is Damar Hamlin’s health.

His collapse and recovery has made the game of football and, even more so, fantasy football seem small and insignificant. They are all just games.

So while I’m going to address a fantasy question that so many leagues are asking — somewhat like the one the NFL is addressing about its playoff situation — I’m doing so while not forgetting Hamlin.

With the Bills-Bengals cancellation becoming official on Thursday, fantasy football championships (and other results from Week 17) were affected by Cincinnati and Buffalo players ending up with zeroes as their scores. Although sites have weighed in on their policies, commissioners can still make their own decisions.

And that’s what these ideas are for:


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