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Why Draymond Green says he recorded a podcast after punching Jordan Poole but never posted it

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green brought back his podcast for the first episode released since October 2022.

During the latest episode, Green revealed interesting information about a decision he made during the offseason.

Before the season began, video surfaced of Green punching his teammate Jordan Poole in the face. Green was not suspended for the incident, and the parties were apparently able to move on once the season began.

For various reasons, there is still a lot of information that fans do not know about what led to the altercation. Green said that “right after” it happened, he actually recorded a podcast to explain his side of the story. But the episode was never released.

Draymond recorded podcast “right after” the Jordan Poole punch but didn’t publish

“I hated the way I sounded. … I didn’t like my tone, I didn’t like the things I said, I didn’t like the way it came out. If you’re not careful it almost comes off as unremorseful and distasteful.”

— Alex Espinoza IV (@AlexEspinozaIV) January 5, 2023

Green said that he didn’t like the way he sounded, and he was worried his tone came off as “unremorseful” and “distasteful” during the recording.

Whether it was Green or someone on his production team, whoever it was that decided to spike the recorded episode made a wise decision to not exacerbate the issue by putting something out that should not have been heard by the public.

There was a lot of speculation about whether or not Green would address what happened with Poole on his show. But it is a good thing that the former Defensive Player of the Year decided to wait for cooler heads to prevail and let this one marinate for a bit longer instead of speaking too soon while it was still so fresh.

The Warriors made the right call by not suspending Draymond Green for punching Jordan Poole. Here’s why.

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