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Who is Raistar? His Free Fire MAX ID, stats, monthly income, and more

Raistar’s ubiquity in the Indian Free Fire people group has taken off as of late, making him one of the game’s most conspicuous substance makers. He has amassed 7.06 million supporters on YouTube because of the quality and precision of his interactivity.

Beside his fundamental channel, he additionally streams the fight royale titles Rai Live (2.68 million supporters) and Rai Plays (162k endorsers). The maker’s popularity isn’t restricted to YouTube; he likewise has 2.7 million Instagram devotees.

Raistar has won in 401 out of the 3550 performance matches, adding to a success pace of 11.29%. He has crushed 10778 rivals, and 4688 have experienced headshots, finishing in a K/D proportion of 3.42 and a headshot pace of 43.50%.

The Indian star has played 4502 pair experiences and completed in front of his resistance multiple times, recording a success pace of 15.70%. With 14388 frags, he has procured 5268 headshots, holding a K/D proportion of 3.79 and a headshot pace of 36.61%.

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At last, Raistar has gained 2760 Booyahs in 16532 crew games, supporting a success pace of 16.69%. He has gotten 54411 ends, and 26071 have come in as headshots, comparing to a K/D proportion of 3.95 and a headshot pace of 47.91%.

The Indian star is yet to partake in a solitary BR-Positioned game in the continuous Free Fire MAX Positioned Season 30.

Raistar has highlighted in 4242 Conflict Crew matches, and 2166 games have helped out him out, crediting to a success pace of 51.06%. He has chalked up 32207 disposals and, all the while, piled up 22585 headshots, contributing towards a KDA of 1.78 and a headshot pace of 70.12%.

The YouTuber is an individual from the RAI Siblings organization, whose ID is 61575940. Since Raistar has not played positioned games, he has been set in Bronze 1 in both BR-Positioned Season 30 and CS-Positioned Season 16.

Social Edge assesses that Raistar’s month to month pay from his essential channel goes from $278 to $4.4K. Moreover, the site predicts that his yearly profit at the ongoing degree of traffic might go somewhere in the range of $3.3K and $53.4K.

Raistar began his YouTube venture in late 2019 and has posted just a small bunch of Free Fire recordings since the channel’s commencement. Indeed, even these have been adequate to assist him with acquiring a huge number of devotees and an enormous 167 million perspectives.

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The divert began in 2020 with two or three thousand supporters, however Raistar finished off the year with multiple million endorsers. This number crossed 6 million out of 2021 and outperformed 7,000,000 as of late.

According to Social Sharp edge, Raistar has acquired 20k endorsers and 1.112 million perspectives. This comes even sometime later that he has not posted a solitary video over the most recent couple of months,

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