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US Secretary of State Criticizes FIFA’s Ban on LGBTQ Armbands

The FIFA decision to forbid an armband supporting LGBTQ rights from the World Cup in Qatar on Tuesday was deemed “concerning” by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Check out the complete details about it below.

US Secretary of State Criticizes FIFA’s Ban on LGBTQ Armbands

Blinken said at a news conference in Doha hours after seeing the United States limited to a 1-1 draw by Wales that no team should have to decide between “respecting his ideals” and competing.

The prospect of FIFA sanctions caused England, Germany, and five other European countries to drop their intentions to wear “Onelove” armbands with rainbow themes during the World Cup.

The armbands were perceived as a symbolic protest against regulations against homosexuality in the World Cup host nation of Qatar. The action by FIFA has drawn criticism across Europe. It has received mixed reactions from the fans as well.

After speaking with Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, the foreign minister of Qatar, Blinken was questioned about the ban. He responded, “It is always disturbing when we see any limits on freedom of speech, especially when the expression involves diverse.

“On no account should a player have to choose between upholding his morals and participating in the game, “He continued.

A fan of soccer named Blinken traveled to Doha on Monday for a 24-hour stay, during which time he witnessed the United States blow a one-goal lead in their World Cup debut.

The minister for Qatar said that his nation, which has invested more than $200 billion in infrastructure and other World Cup preparations, had fallen prey to “pre-conceived notions.” “the emirate’s circumstances.

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