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Shijiazhuang Ever Bright vs Dalian Pro Prediction, Head-To-Head, Lineup, Betting Tips, Where To Watch Live Today Chinese Super League Match Details – November 22

On Tuesday, November 22 at 4:30 IST, the Mission Hills Football Base Stadiums will host the 26th round of the Chinese Super League, which pits Shijiazhuang Ever Bright versus Dalian Pro. The three points needed to win the game will be sought after by both teams when they arrive.

Chinese League matchup between Ever Bright and Dalian is scheduled. I anticipate achieving many goals. Each team scores a lot of points. Remember that both teams must win as well, which increases the likelihood that this game will end with a score of at least 3 goals and go over. Let’s check out the complete details about the match at the end of our page.

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright vs Dalian Pro Prediction

These two clubs’ meeting in China is likely to be quite intriguing. Shijiazhuang prevailed in the opening match of the quarterfinal, and I predict that they will do so once more. There will undoubtedly be many goals because the visitors won’t give up before the game, in my opinion.

Although it might not be enough to prevent a loss, we believe Dalian Professional will have enough opportunities to score a goal against this Shijiazhuang Ever Bright team.

Our prediction is that a close game will end with a 2-1 victory for Shijiazhuang Ever Bright at the end of regulation. eagerly anticipating this.

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright fans of the world, unite!
Chinese Super League
Shijiazhuang Ever Bright FC
Dalian Professional FC
Thu.22 Oct.
Dalian Jinzhou Stadium #ShijiazhuangEverBright#DalianPro#ChineseSuperLeague

— Baishan_X (@Baishan_X) October 21, 2020

Match Details

Chinese Super League

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright vs Dalian Pro

22nd Nov 2022

4:30 pm IST

Mission Hills Football Stadium

Live Streaming
 Score Bat


The head-to-head record between Shijiazhuang Ever Bright and Dalian Pro reveals that in their 7 encounters, Shijiazhuang Ever Bright has triumphed 3 times and Dalian Pro has done so twice. Two games between Dalian Pro and Shijiazhuang Ever Bright have ended in draws.

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright vs Dalian Pro Lineup

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright lineup;

Zheng Zhiyun


Wang Peng


Piao Shihao


Chen Pu

Shao Puliang

Liao Chengjian

Stoppila Sunzu

Cao Xuan

Dalian Pro lineup;


Cui Ming’an

Sun Guowen

Sam Larsson

Salomon Rondon

Zhang Chong

Tong Lei

Wang Yaopeng

Marcus Danielson

Li Shuai

Lin Liangming

Betting Tips

Who will win the toss: Dalian Pro

Who will win the match: Shijiazhuang Ever Bright

Ong/Teo and Liu/Ou know how to entertain the Sydney crowd! @HSBC_Sport #BWFWorldTour #AustralianOpen2022

— BWF (@bwfmedia) November 20, 2022

 Shijiazhuang vs Dalian Pro Where to watch live coverage?

Once a legitimate feed is available, you may watch Shijiazhuang vs. Dalian Pro live right here on ScoreBat. Whenever it is accessible, we will only offer official live streams straight from the league’s or a team’s official channels. Right before the game is scheduled to start, live streaming will start.

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