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During the FIFA World Cup 2022, a TV reporter was robbed

When Dominique Metzger, an Argentine TV reporter, was stolen while conducting a live program at the World Cup in Qatar, she experienced a nightmare experience. Check out complete details about it below.

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, a TV reporter was robbed

Metzger claims that while video of the live transmission was becoming popular on social media, many items from her handbag were taken.

What astonished her, though, was the police’s response.

This came after Metzger contacted police enforcement of the theft and they promised prompt action while also saying that “she may select the penalty herself for the suspected thief.”

“I was carrying my tiny bag, which included my wallet, the hotel room keys, and some paper towels in addition to everything else I needed. In the Mirror, Metzger was reported as stating, “I was dancing with the throng and I’m confident that it was then that someone unzipped the bag zipper and snatched my wallet.

I was preoccupied with you talking to me when I realized that you were live on broadcast, surrounded by music and viewers. I wasn’t listening, therefore. I wanted to take my wallet to buy a water bottle after I finished my live report, but I realized I didn’t have it,” Metzger told the Daily Mail.

20,000 cameras with face recognition technology have been placed as part of a robust monitoring system for the world cup, according to a story in The Telegraph.

In the past, journalists covering the World Cup in Qatar have run into difficulties. A few days ago, while reporting live on air, a Danish TV reporter was intimidated by Qatari authorities.

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