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One Piece: 14 years ago Zoro saved Luffy in the iconic 

One Piece, Zoro is one of the most faithful right-hand men. His dedication to his commander, Luffy, is truly genuine. They have the most unconstrained bond and offer a few novel qualities with respect to both strength and disposition. One might say that nobody is as near Luffy as Zoro is.

All through the many fights that have occurred in the series, Zoro has safeguarded Luffy a few times. One of the most notorious episodes highlighting this event occurred during the Thrill ride Bark circular segment.

After the fight with Gecko Moriah, Seven Warlords of the Ocean part Bartholomew Kuma came to take Luffy’s head. In any case, Kuma let the Strawhats’ chief go and withdrew after Zoro put his life at risk to safeguard the skipper.

The first to praise the remarkable scene among Zoro and Kuma was, in all honesty, the authentic Twitter record of One Piece. The record posted a video highlighting the anime variation of the scene, accessible so that everybody could see.

One Piece fans valued the celebration of this notorious second on the series’ true record. A demonstration of their warmth is the point at which the tweet with the video of Zoro’s “Nothing occurred” scene got large number of preferences and retweets.

In the wake of overcoming Paddles and Gecko Moriah, the Strawhat Privateers were depleted. Be that as it may, their difficulties weren’t finished, as the World Government sent Bartholomew Kuma to the island. With Luffy having swooned after the past battles, Zoro had his spot and stepped in to safeguard the team.

Zoro attempted to battle Kuma, yet the last option utilized his Fallen angel Organic product powers to divert his assaults. Sanji, Franky, and the other Strawhats attempted to join the fight yet couldn’t hurt the Warlord. Kuma then accompanied a final offer: he would need to permit everybody to get by as long as they gave him Luffy.


After his proposition was rejected, Kuma exploded the island with his Ursus Shock, a strong shockwave made from a bundle of packed air. Thus, everybody was wrecked. In any case, when Kuma was going to take the oblivious Luffy, Zoro out of nowhere rose to safeguard his skipper.

Utilizing the Lion Melody, quite possibly of his quickest assault, the green-haired privateer ran to capture Kuma. Zoro’s procedure struck the Warlord and harmed him, albeit just reasonably. The injury incited Kuma to uncover that his body had been changed into a cyborg, for the benefit of Dr. Vegapunk and the World Government.
Understanding how troublesome the circumstance was, Zoro proposed to exchange his life trade for Luffy’s. By then, Sanji awakened and requested that Kuma take his head all things being equal. Be that as it may, the green-haired privateer expeditiously took him out, feeling it important to forfeit his own life instead of Sanji’s.

Who’s-Who goes Bye-Bye.

— One Piece (@OnePieceAnime) November 19, 2022

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Intrigued by such assurance, Kuma acknowledged Zoro’s proposition and guaranteed that he could never have harmed Luffy. The Warlord then, at that point, utilized his Fallen angel Natural product powers to draw out all of the harm that Luffy had gotten in the past fight. How much torment and weakness was gigantic. It created a colossal paw of energy, much greater than Kuma himself.

A little example of that energy was sufficient to have Zoro experience gigantic misery. Kuma additionally expressed that assuming the fighter were to take in the whole amount, he would pass on. Notwithstanding, the green-haired privateer just requested that he pick an area.

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