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League of Legends leaks reveal patch 12.23 Mythic Shop rotation: Project Sylas

On November 19, 2022, well known leaker Julex Ongoing interactions gave some pristine data about the Mythic Shop in the impending Class of Legends fix 12.23. This will mean the demise of the time fix and is supposed to come out somewhere near mid-December.

In light of this release, the potential new skins that might show up in the new Mythic Shop revolution incorporate notoriety renditions for Venture Sylas and Arcade Caitlyn, close by other uncommon skins like Hextech Rammus and Hextech Kassadin. The time period of these skins as well as their costs have been recorded in this article.

Pale Knight Mordekaiser will likewise be added to the game alongside Class of Legends fix 12.23, which is the last option to this skinline until further notice. The Colorless Slayer skinline will be ceased as a Mythic and will be delivered as ordinary skins from the following year onwards.

As recently referenced, Class of Legends will have distinction Undertaking Sylas, glory Arcade Caitlyn, Hextech Rammus, and Hextech Kassadin highlighted in the Mythic Shop for fix 12.23. This implies that Hextech Poppy, Soulstealer Vayne, Star Watchman Neeko notoriety variant, and MSI 2021 Victor Jax distinction rendition will leave the Shop.

Esteem Arcade Caitlyn (150 Mythic Essence)Prestige Task Sylas (125 Mythic Embodiment)
In light of this rundown, most would agree that many one of a kind skins are being added to Class of Legends’ Mythic Shop with this season’s last fix. Among these, Hextech Rammus and Hextech Kassadin are really uncommon as the skinline itself has been stopped.


Intrigued fans ought to consider spending their Mythic Embodiment on them as the Hextech skins may not return at any point in the near future. Other than these skins, the Gray Knight Mordekaiser will likewise be the last Mythic skin under the skinline’s pennant.

Beforehand, the Colorless Knight skinline had three different skins and this denotes the fourth expansion to the set. Class of Legends players who have the past three ought to get this one also since there is no careful course of events on when they will get back to the Shop in the future. Besides, the engineers are wanting to focus on a fresh out of the box new Mythic skinline in 2023.

Regardless, the three skins referenced above will stay in the Shop for something like three months, giving fans a lot of chance to get them.

How is everyones placements going?! 6/3 atm for me.

— LeagueOfLegends (@LOLCarries) January 15, 2020


Strangely, the glory skins for Arcade Caitlyn and Venture Sylas will just stay in the Mythic Shop for one month. While Caitlyn’s skin probably won’t be that famous, Undertaking Sylas is one of the most appealing restorative things for the boss.

Fans who appreciate playing Sylas ought to get this esteem skin assuming it shows up in-game. Moreover, Sylas is likewise quite possibly of the most grounded champion in the game at the present time, making the 125 Mythic Embodiment cost definitely justified assuming that fans are wanting to habitually play Sylas.

Anyway, it ought to be noticed that this data is all in light of breaks and Uproar Games might make changes to the authority discharge.

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