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The reason why Qatar likes to drink at the end of the game is unusual.

You can see how bad the World Cup is for Human Rights when one of the few treats fans can expect from the game apart from the actual football is expensive, gross, tasteless, bland plastic cups. An American-style lager that will quench your thirst under the scorching Doha sun.

Foam pits and various drinks are generally discouraged on land and are largely prohibited. Qatar has agreed to relax its alcohol laws to allow fans to use a few kilos of soapy water near the pitch. More importantly, it meant FIFA wouldn’t lose tens of millions of dollars in cool sponsorship from Budweiser in exchange for the beer franchise.

But on Friday, Qatari authorities violated an agreement reached in February, saying that alcoholic beer (or beer, as it is commonly known) would no longer be served in or near the stadium. By the time you get there, you’ll be among the privileged few to eat a shrimp sandwich. Business Boxes sell for over £19,000 per match. The good news is that non-alcoholic beer is available to those sitting in the cheaper seats.

World Cup organisers have banned the sale of beer around stadiums in Qatar, FIFA have announced

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) November 18, 2022

The world cup kicks off

However, After “Following discussions between the host country authorities and FIFA. It has been decided to focus alcohol sales at FIFA Fan Festivals. Other fan destinations and licensed venues and to remove beer sales facilities from Qatar Stadiums around the World Cup 2022.” FIFA teeth anticipate an awkward and potentially expensive conversation with the brewery. After this, Budweiser responded with a mildly humorous social media post about the scandal. Which was quickly deleted in allegedly clumsy fashion. anticipating.

The lack of expensive booze around the ground on match day isn’t too much of a problem. But Qatar’s last-minute flexibility shows they don’t want to cave in and owe FIFA any more. host. Football’s governing body would not have tolerated such blatant disobedience in the past. So the desire to oust Qatar now suggests it is the Gulf nation’s royal family.

Furthermore, Not Gianni Infantino, in charge. More worrying is that Qatar has the will to make a comeback at such a belated level with a single promise. Despite homosexuality being illegal in the country, a FIFA spokesman was told that fans were welcome. Not afraid of repercussions, saying they were “welcome to what they can show their love for”. Adding a relatively minor issue, members of the LGBTQ+ community can be forgiven for being a little. Nervous about something as innocuous as holding a partner’s hand.

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