Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
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The Packers’ pathetic first-half performance vs the Titans drew surprising boos from an impatient Lambeau Field crowd

With the Packers essentially fighting for their playoff lives every game now, Aaron Rodgers and Co. can’t afford any more missteps. As the Titans came to town on Thursday night, this Green Bay squad truly had its back against the wall. They didn’t play like it.

Aside from Rodgers answering an early Titans touchdown with a pretty lob to Christian Watson as Tennessee slowly substituted defenders, the Packers got clocked. Ryan Tannehill (just four incomplete passes) did what he pleased. Largely every Titans’ third down (over 60 percent) was converted, thanks also to Derrick Henry.

And as the Packers meekly went off the field trying to answer another Titans score — while down 14-6 — the faithful at Lambeau Field made their unhappiness with their favorite team known by booing. Loudly.

Remember: it was only 14-6!

Of course, many were shocked to see how quickly fans were discontented with the Packers. That’s how you know it was an ugly affair to start with for the green and gold already without little margin for error.


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