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Verstappen vs Hamilton again in Abu Dhabi? Six F1 finale talking points

F1 22nd and last terrific prix few days of the 2022 season sees Equation 1 show up at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi for the finish of the main season under its greatly changed rules.

While the year might have had a place with Max Verstappen and Red Bull, the title holder will go to the last race realizing he will confront wild rivalry – both from the two resurgent Mercedes, and his own partner.

A 2023 F1 title battle review?

Under a year prior, the vigorously updated Yas Marina circuit was the location of a title end so sensational and dubious that it doesn’t need one more re-track in front of the game’s re-visitation of Abu Dhabi.

Yet, while the result of the most stunning finale Equation 1 has at any point seen has since a long time not set in stone.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will show up at the circuit one year eliminated from their confrontation.

With their contention as alive as it maybe has been in front of any end of the week during this 2022 season.

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Hamilton and Mercedes have been no counterpart for Verstappen and Red Bull all through most of the time.

As confirmed by Verstappen getting his second progressive title in record-breakingly predominant style. However, last end of the week Mercedes figured out how to score a significant first success of the time to energize.

Them to a high that they will ride through the long winter into 2023.
During a significant race at Interlagos, Verstappen was engaged with two significant flashpoints.

The first occured at the restart following the early Security Vehicle period, when he and Hamilton crashed at the summit of turn two.

The pair declining to give any more space to one another than they had at such countless focuses all through their notorious 2021 duel.

While Verstappen was faulted and punished for the episode, it would have helped him to remember the sort of strong.

Wheel-to-wheel fights he can hope for something else of should Mercedes’ resurgence go on into this end of the week and then some.

Mercedes have demonstrated to a greater extent a danger to Red Bull over the last three rounds of the time than Ferrari.

It have done and there’s not an obvious explanation to expect that won’t keep on being the case this end of the week.

Yet, it’s the reappearance of Hamilton as a danger for triumph which makes this end of the week’s race a particularly enchanting possibility.

Especially given what happened a year ago. No other sets of drivers have a competition very as wild as these two, and a last duel would whet hungers for 2023.

FIA’s major developments justify Mercedes’ conviction Hamilton was “burglarized” of title

One of #F1’s greatest.

Prepare yourselves, it’s going to be emotional.#DankeSeb

— Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team (@AstonMartinF1) November 14, 2022

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The other significant flashpoint of the Brazilian Fabulous Prix weekend occured on the radios at Red Bull, where Verstappen made it clear to his group and the world he doesn’t think of it as his responsibility to give up positions to Sergio Perez for any reason.
In Abu Dhabi last year Perez played out the job of partner to an unbeatable degree, holding up Hamilton at an imperative second to permit Verstappen to close significant ground. Without that, the scandalous end to the race could have played out in an unexpected way.

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