Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
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Overwatch 2 patch notes for November: Nerfs and biggest changes

The latest Overwatch 2 update brings Mei back from banishment with a properly functioning Ice Wall skill and nerfs some popular heroes Blizzard believed had a bit of an unfair advantage, including D.Va and Genji. Other affected heroes in the Nov. 15, 2022, update patch notes include Zarya and Sombra, though these changes fall outside the major balance adjustments Blizzard said it was reserving for Overwatch 2 season two, when new tank Ramattra joins the fight. They mostly include damage reduction and alterations to skill cooldown timers, except for Sombra, who Blizzard nerfed after accidentally overpowering her at the start of the multiplayer game’s first season.


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