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Thrilled to Win Asian Gold, Lovlina Borgohain Feels It Will Help Her Regain Form

As she won it in her maiden competition in a new weight class, Lovlina Borgohain declared on Monday that the Asian Championship gold medal is “very significant” and that it will be “decisive” in helping her restore her lost form.

Thrilled to Win Asian Gold, Lovlina Borgohain Feels It Will Help Her Regain Form

Since taking home the bronze medal in the Olympics in Tokyo last year, Lovlina has been having trouble with her form. She increased her weight category from 69 kg to 75 kg with the Paris Olympics in mind because her division is not among the six divisions for women’s boxing that have been declared.

The Assamese fighter, 25, put on a fierce performance last week to win the gold medal in her first middleweight competition at the Championships in Amman, Jordan.

“This gold is really important to me. It’s incredibly important. This gives me more confidence “After arriving back in the nation on Monday with the boxing team, Lovilna spoke to PTI. I earned a gold medal in this championship, which was my first in a new weight class. I am moving in the correct way, therefore I am confident.

“My performance in the championship was excellent, and I was fluid in my movements and punches. I’m getting back into shape, and I plan to peak when it’s appropriate. These victories are crucial.”

Borgohain, who has two other bronze medals from Asian Championships, said she will work to become better and that she hopes to take home the gold in the World Championships, which will be held in India in 2019.

Well, at the Olympics last year, I took home a bronze medal. I’m attempting to perform well in every competition. My immediate goal is to take home a gold medal in the world championship that will be held in New Delhi the following year.

Of course, winning a gold medal in the Olympics in Paris is my ultimate goal. To do so, I am struggling and working arduously. I hope that at the proper moment, my best comes out,” she stated.

India finished the competition with 12 medals, including four gold, two silver, and six bronze. It’s interesting that women’s boxers took home all four gold medals.

The other three gold medals went to Borgohain, Parveen Hooda (63 kg), Saweety Boora (81 kg), and Alfiya Pathan (81 kg +).

“I gave all three boxers my congratulations. They are excellent boxers. While Saweety and Alfiya are extremely strong and powerful, Parveen is a young and talented fighter with good technique “She stated.

“I have no doubt that they will have a successful future. They may perform well and take home gold from both the World Championship and the Olympics.”

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