Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
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Bad Beat: Missouri men covered a massive spread on a completely useless half-court heave as time expired

While much of the sports world was still trying to figure out what the heck happened in insane finishes between the Vikings and Bills and Cowboys and Packers on Sunday, a few others were witnessing one of the worst bad beats of the early college basketball season.

Missouri played host to Lindenwood (also in Missouri in case you’re wondering), and the Tigers were favored by 27.5 points. Up by 28, they allowed a late layup to Lindenwood, which appeared to have covered the spread with just a few second left on the clock.

But then Missouri’s Ben Sternberg hoisted a 3-pointer from half court as time expired, and he cashed it!

Lindenwood +27.5 not covering vs Missouri might be an all time bad beat. Score only 7 points final 11 minutes of the game and lose the cover via insane shot (see video):

— Paulie (@friedeggpaulie) November 14, 2022

So unnecessary, and yet so costly for Lindenwood bettors!

Look at how Sternberg and Missouri’s bench reacted after the shot, as if they knew that shot covered the spread.

I can’t imagine many people outside of Missouri bet this game. But for anyone who took the +27.5, that is a tough way to lose it.


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