Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
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Justin Fields, QB-slash-magician, ran for a ridiculous TD after 3 Lions defenders somehow failed to tackle him

At the moment, Justin Fields might be the NFL’s hottest quarterback.

He’s run rampant through Bill Belichick’s Patriots defense in a primetime game, made Micah Parsons and the Cowboys look silly, and even had Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel begging him to stop gashing his team on the run so much. With this sort of consistent performance, it sure looks like the Bears have their first-ever star/franchise quarterback.

Against the Lions on Sunday, Fields picked up right where he left off.

On a third-and-goal in the late second quarter, with the Bears looking to knot the game up at 10-10, three separate Lions had Fields hemmed in the backfield. For almost any other quarterback, it’s a pressure and a throwaway at minimum. With Fields, he somehow escaped them all to score an absolutely banana TD on the left side:

More @justnfields magic

: #DETvsCHI on FOX

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) November 13, 2022

justin fields turned this into a touchdown run on the left side lmao. absolute mutant football player

— Robert (@RobertZeglinski) November 13, 2022

Oh, my goodness? Fields’ entire offensive line is facing him by the time he flips to the left! And he still scored — with a nice truck stick at the end — despite the play looking like a near-certain loss.

By the way, Fields’ TD run put him in position for another notable record on the ground:

A note via my guy @KyleSoppeESPN: Justin Fields now has at least 60 rushing yards and a rushing TD in four straight games.

That’s tied for the longest ever streak by a QB in NFL history.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) November 13, 2022

This young Chicago quarterback is scorching hot. It doesn’t like anything can stop Fields as he continues to blossom and make defenses look silly.


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