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Brazil FA says the Qatar World Cup should be focused on football

A week after several European nations urged FIFA to act to improve the rights of migrant workers in the host country, Brazil’s soccer governing body (CBF) has backed FIFA’s message to concentrate on the football at the World Cup in Qatar.

Brazil FA says the Qatar World Cup should be focused on football

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) previously stated that “disagreements and fights” should “take a back seat” when the tournament begins on November 20. The record-setting five-time champions have now followed that statement.

Many participating teams have expressed concern about Qatar due to the country’s treatment of foreign workers, strict social laws, and LGBTIQ rights, despite the fact that it has refuted accusations of worker exploitation. Qatar has also come under intense pressure for its treatment of women and minorities.

The CBF issued a statement saying, “We totally agree that extra-football concerns are being handled in conjunction with FIFA, the Qatari authorities, and other organisations in the certainty that football can be a vehicle for positive change in society all over the world.

“As FIFA constantly insists on remembering, this event will also be a chance for supporters to come together and live in peace and joy, regardless of their origin, religion, or sexual orientation, united by the global language of football.

An open letter urging action to advance the rights of migrant workers in Qatar was released last week by the football associations of ten European nations, including England and Germany.

Qatar has been in controversy since it was announced as the host of Fia. The limited football history of Qatar, the high expected costs, the regional climate, and Qatar’s human rights record were among the issues that were brought up in criticism from various media outlets, sports experts, and human rights organizations.

Numerous claims of bribery between FIFA executives and members and the Qatar bid committee have been made. Theo Zwanziger and former president Sepp Blatter are among the FIFA members who have publicly stated that the decision to award the tournament to Qatar was a “mistake.”

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